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5/8 Multiswitch: Terra MRS-508 (passive terrestrial path)

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    5/8 Multiswitch: Terra MRS-508 (passive terrestrial path)


Radial multiswitches of MRS series are dedicated for small and medium-size SMATV systems (4-70 outlets) distributing SAT IF and terrestrial signals. They are suitable for indoor use only. In the case of medium-size systems the multiswitches can cooperate with splitters and taps of SS-5XX series.
The radial multiswitches are intended for distribution systems based on star topology, where one multiswitch or a group of multiswitches is connected to the outlets of the end users via individual coaxial cables. They are therefore ideal for use in single-family houses or in single multi-family buildings. However, it is possible to use the MRS multiswitches in more complex systems. Then, the built-in power supply can be used to power other system components.
The MRS-508 R70308 multiswitch has 5 inputs and 8 outputs, and can directly be used for distribution of signals from one satellite, terrestrial TV (DVB-T), and terrestrial radio (FM and DAB) to 8 outlets. In the case of twin tuner PVR receivers, each device needs signals from two outputs of the multiswitch.
The die-cast housing provides high screening efficiency by preventing the penetration of interfering signals to the unit.
Due to a passive terrestrial path, the signal provided by the terrestrial TV antenna has to have adequate signal level. In the case of weaker signals, an appropriate antenna preamplifier will be needed.
Other option is to use multiswitches with active terrestrial path from the Terra MSR product line.
The input SAT signals to multiswitch systems are provided by QUATRO LNBs.
Distinguishing features
  • radial multiswitch
  • isolation between inputs better than 25 dB
  • possibility to power a terrestrial TV preamplifier (12 VDC)
  • built-in power supply
  • die-cast housing providing high screening efficiency
  • passive terrestrial path
View of the multiswitch
View of the multiswitch
Top view
Top view
Number of outputs
Operating band [MHz]SAT950 - 2400
DVB-T/Radio47 - 790

Gain (equalization of cable attenuation) 

SAT outputs 1-2 -6...0
outputs 3-4 -7...-2-6...0 
outputs 5-8 - -7...-2
  Attenuation [dB] DVB-T/Radiooutputs 1-4 12 15
outputs 5-8 - 15
Max. level of SAT signals (IMD3=35dB) [dBμV]93
Isolation between SAT inputs [dB]> 25
Isolation between outputs [dB]> 25
Isolation between paths [dB] Terr./SAT> 25
SAT/Terr.> 40
Supply voltage at RF inputs [V]H/Lo, H/Hi: 13; 
V/Lo, V/Hi: 13
Terr. TV: 12
DC supply current from RF inputs [A]
+13V&+12V< 0.27
+12V≤ 0.6
Power consumption from SAT receiver [mA]< 40
Control signals14/18 V, 0/22 kHz
Power consumption (max load)230 VAC 50/60 Hz 7 W
Operating temperature range [ºC]-20...+50
Dimensions [mm]200x135x52200x135x52 
Weight [kg]0.840.86


The device is powered with 220-240V AC power network. All obligatory precautions for working with dangerous live voltages should be obeyed.
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