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CAT 6 Cable: NETSET BOX U/FTP 6 (indoor) [305m]

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NETSET BOX U/FT E1608 cable is the highest-quality twisted pair cable designed for data transmission systems inside buildings (LANs).


NETSET BOX U/FTP 6 Ethernet cable far exceeds the requirements for Category 6 twisted pair cables.
View of the cable box - inside 305m of the cable. Dimensions of the box: height - 35 cm, width - 20 cm, depth - 35 cm
Close-up of the cable
NETSET BOX U/FT E1608 cable is the highest-quality twisted pair cable designed for data transmission systems inside buildings (LANs).
NETSET BOX is the latest generation of NETSET twisted-pair cables.
Its outer diameter has been reduced to 6.0 mm, which considerably facilitates installation of the data cable in trays and pipes. Special insulation material has been selected to make it easier to put on RJ-45 connectors.
Distinguishing features of NETSET U/FTP Cat 6 cable E1608:
  • highest-quality materials, strict technological discipline confirmed by a 15-year quality guarantee;
  • parameters far exceeding the requirements for Category 6;
  • preliminary quality control of materials and thorough tests of the final product;
  • meter markers, deviation less than 0.5%;
  • solid wires of 0.54 mm diameter (24 AWG);
  • wire insulation made of homogeneous, highly-insulating, volume-colored HDPE: white-green/green, white-orange/orange, white-brown/brown, white-blue/blue;
  • insulated wires twisted in pairs as above, additionally screened;
  • the screened pairs twisted together;
  • sheath made of gray PVC, outer diameter of 6.1 mm.
NETSET U/FTP Cat 6 E1608 LAN cable is manufactured in compliance with:
IEC 61156-6 (2000), ISO/IEC 11801 (2000), TIA/EIA-568-A (1995), EN 50173 (1999), yd/t1019-2001 standards.

NETSET cables come with a 15-year warranty.

The manufacturer guarantees stability of the parameters given in the "Specifications" at least for 15 years, on the condition that the cable is packed, transported, installed, and used according to adequate European standards (among others E-79100 and EN 50174-1), within the permissible environmental conditions (see the "Specifications" below).
The NETSET U/FTP kategorii 6 E1608 cable can be used in a wide temperature range: -20oC...+70oC, and installed between 0oC and +50oC. The minimum bending radius factor (radius to diameter ratio) is 8.

solid copper wires

Ø 0.54 mm (24 AWG)

Wire insulationPE
Sheath/jacketPVC (gray, RAL 7032)
Outer diameter [mm]6.1 ±0.3
Electrical parameters
Wave impedance [Ω]

100 ±15

Capacitance of any transmission path at 1kHz [nF/km]

50 ±1

Nominal Velocity of Propagation (NVP) [%]67
Resistance of any transmission path [Ω/km]≤ 188
Asymmetry in capacitance of transmission paths to the ground [pF/km]≤ 1600
Insulation resistance [MΩ/km]> 500
Installation and operation
Operating temperature range [oC]-20...+70
Operating humidity range [%]0...100
Installation temperature range [oC]0...+50

Minimum bending radius [radius to diameter ratio]

Price for 305m (1000 feet) in unreel box


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